- 2011/12/24

After almost 4 weeks of design and development time of this site, it is finally released for public web. Before this, I use Wordpress as primary web blog software, but I considered it is time for me to write my own blog engine, including gist syntax highlight, custom authentication, custom modular MVC architecture. For what ? ehmm, let me breakdown the reasons why I create my own website.

My Requirements / Reasons :

  • One Framework For All
  • Develop and Maintain Privately
  • My Site Is My Playground

Okay, let me write detailed reasons and requirements.

One Framework For All

Actually, more that one framework :D. I realized for over 1 years, I developed web applications using Zend Framework and Doctrine. Many of my sub-domain web applications use that framework. I just set my include_path to a library path, then start to use it anywhere from all of my web applications. Disk usage @ my fresh web application is not larger than 2MB (PHP code only), and this site’s disk usage is just about 130Kb, so I think it is save my web hosting disk usage.

Develop and Maintain Privately

I’m not saying that Wordpress is bad, Wordpress is a great software for a blog engine (and also its community support). But, I write this site is to get my own freedom to develop, design the API, set the caching mechanism, etc. So I know where exactly something comes from. You might “shoot me” with something quote called reinvent-the-wheel, but that is okay for me. :D

My Site Is My Playground

I have some spare time this month, I try the good practice of writing Zend Framework web application and implement it on my own site. Why? because Zend Framework + Doctrine is fun.

That is the reasons/requirements of why I write my own site, just a personal view, some freedom of speech. ;) Huge thanks to Linux, Apache, PHP, Zend Framework, Doctrine, JQuery, MySQL, Netbeans, and Zurb Foundation.